My mission is to leverage emerging technologies to drive positive outcomes for individuals and our communities.

I am a product designer with ten years experience developing new digital products and services. I find it particularly rewarding to bring user-centered innovation to industries that are deeply ingrained in our culture like education and banking. One of my biggest strengths is facilitating shared vision setting and using storytelling to build consensus around how a new idea can drive long term customer and business success.

Project case study

Re-imagining an analog technology

My Master' s thesis explored how I could meld the physical and digital to create a truly novel reading experience (see what I did there?).

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I value

Empathy fuel by curiosity

I am energized by learning; be it conducting deep empathy research, prototyping with a new technology, or understanding a new industry.

Project overview

Designing novel interactions for a new technology

Developing an IoT credit card challenged me to develop custom interfaces and interactions for a novel device.

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Project Case study

Making the technical accessible

Designing an app for middle schoolers to use to accurately identify insects in the field required careful information design.

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I value

Collaborative cross-disciplinary teams

Respect, communication, and cross-discipline collaboration inevitably drives more innovative work that can change industries.

I Value


I get a deep satisfaction out of delivering high quality, thoughtful work that advances our thinking and helps us reach shared goals.

Project Overview

Setting a vision for long-term success

To enable an internal fraud investigation tool to scale beyond a proof of concept, I led the team and stakeholders through long-term vision setting and roadmapping.

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I Value


Time to connect with family, friends, and myself outside of work enables me to bring my whole self to the office and do my best work.