I design experiences for real people, and I love my job. Every day I wake up, learn about the challenges that people face, and design ways to overcome them. I am fascinated by storytelling—the stories people tell about their lives, the stories we, as designers, tell about possible futures, and the story created during the process of building new products and services.

I've struggled to label myself because I follow projects from begining to end. Discovering problems through empathy research, defining solutions during conepting, strategy, and service design, and making them real with interaction design and prototyping.

When I am not working, I love adventuring with my dog, reading nerdy books, and have taken up quilting, because I missed making stuff with my hands rather than pixels.


Product designer

Capital One Labs, June 2014–Present

At Capital One Labs I designed products to help peole better understand, engage with, and use their money. I led design through exploratory research, strategy, interaction design, prototyping, and production.

Over the course of a project I developed research methods to facilatate tough conversations with people about their money, then synthesized learnings into insights and frameworks to guide design. I led my teams through ideation and service design activities to define solutions, and communicated those concepts to leadership and stakeholders. During the design phase I created wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes to test with users. Finally, I worked with engineering teams and business partners to bring products to pilot.

Interaction design intern

Smart Design, June 2013–August 2013

During my summer at Smart Design I was a full member of a project team where we conducted extensive user research, a stakeholder workshop, and concepted and visualized solutions for future-oriented consumer electronics.

Teaching assistant

Carnegie Mellon University, August 2012–June 2013

I was a teaching assistant for both a graduate prototyping class and graduate design studio class. I assisted students and instructors with assignments, and planned and facilitated a weekly workshop focused on design fundamentals.

User experience designer

Nectarine Group, July 2011–July 2012
Interactive design intern, September 2010–December 2010

Worked as a cross-disciplinary designer; followed projects from concepting and interaction design to visual and motion design, and production. I created user centered interfaces for consumer products and mobile devices with a focus on storytelling as an integral part of the design process.

Interactive development intern

Luxurious Animals, April 2010–June 2010

Worked primarily as an AS3 and front end developer focusing on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for mobile browsers.

Design intern

Transmissions LLC, September 2009–December 2009

Responsible for interactive and visual design for web applications as well as AS3 and Wordpress development.

Design intern

Hello Design, April 2009–June 2009 & September 2008–December 2008

Collaborated with visual and interactive designers and developers on large scale website design, production, and QA. Also assisted with front end development and mobile concepting.

Design intern

Blue Diesel, April 2008–June 2008

Primarily responsible for visual ideation around branding and tablet applications. Also assisted with asset production. My first internship, Blue Diesel introduced me to working in a design office.


Carnegie Mellon University
Master of Design, Interaction Design
2012 – 2014

University of Cincinnati, DAAP
Bachelor of Science, Digital Design
2006 – 2011


Design Research
Interaction Design
Service Design
Visual Design
Motion Design

I have experience with most current software and prototyping languages.


Learning to See, Seeing to Learn
Best in Category, Interaction Awards 2015

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